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My focus in on supporting your body at the cellular level so you can feel better--more energetic again. Inflammation, food sensitivities, oxidative stress, nutrient deficiencies, and others. These are the result of imbalances in the body that cause fatigue, aches/pains, migraines, decreased concentration and focus, bowel irregularities, and so many other symptoms. 

Do you feel like you're aging too quickly?

It can be pretty scary when you wake up more tired than when you went to bed, when your mood sinks lower and lower or anxiety is your shadow, and when it takes every bit of energy to put one foot in front of the other to make it through the day. 

You may have searched the internet and diagnosed yourself a thousand times. How many diets and cleanses have promised a cure? It can be so very frustrating!

Why have you not found the diet, protocol, or pill that will make it all better? Why do certain diets work for some people but not for others when they are all experiencing the same problems? 

You are unique. Yes--You are unique and special and all that you are experiencing is not something that you've made up or something you just need to learn to live with. We can, in many cases, find the root cause, but if we can't because technology just isn't where we need it yet, then we can get close enough to at least improve how you're feeling while optimizing your nutrient intake and balance.

My job is to make sense of all the puzzle pieces: your symptoms, labs, test results, genetic tendencies, and your input. I look at these through the lens of biochemistry at the cellular level while also considering your genetics and how to best support your immune system and cellular function. I develop nutrition guidance and recommendations tailored to your unique needs as we focus on strategic functional foods & nutrients and specific supplements that support your body's biochemical pathways.

It is not easy--for you or for me. I work hard for you because I want to see you feeling better. It's why I do this. I am constantly in learning mode as I seek out the latest research, confer with topic experts, and navigate the flood of data to discern truth from myth. Consequently, I do not pack my schedule with patient appointments, and I have to be selective about who I bring on as patients.

Please contact me if you are ready to make the changes necessary to improve your health, and we can schedule an introductory phone call to determine if we're a good fit for one another.

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