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Initial Assessment & Appointment (90 minutes): $250

Functional Lab Assessment (add-on service): $75

Follow-up Appointment (45 minutes): $115

Testing Packages...

  • Mediator Release Test (MRT) + LEAP Therapy

This package includes the MRT testing for food sensitivities in addition to the personalized LEAP nutrition therapy. Included are the initial appointment and two follow-up appointments. An additional block of follow-up appointments are always available for purchase if needed. 

  • Micronutrient Test + 1 hour Counseling Session

The micronutrient test is an excellent add-on to your nutrition assessment. We look at your vitamin and mineral status (extracellular & intracellular) to assess where you have deficiencies or excesses. This test indicates your antioxidant status as well as your omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio.  Do you have enough nutrients to efficiently power key biochemical reactions at the cellular level? In the counseling session, we'll review the test results and nutrition recommendations.

  • Gluten Sensitivity & Leaky Gut Test + 2 Counseling Sessions

This test includes an initial assessment as well as a follow-up appointment to review your test results and nutrition therapy. The celiac genetic panel (DQ2 & DQ8) and an antibody profile helps us identify if you have gluten sensitivity or if you are at high genetic risk for celiac disease. At the same time, testing markers will also indicate if you have increased intestinal permeability (a.k.a. Leaky Gut) which increases risk for pro-inflammatory conditions. 

Additional testing for gut pathogens (bacteria, parasites, fungi, virus) is available for add-on ($450).

  • Genomic Testing + Nutrigenomic/Culinary Therapy & Education

Coming soon!

To request an assessment and/or testing option, please contact me. I'm always happy to answer questions about the nutrition therapy I offer.


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