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How it Works

First, we will meet for our initial appointment. During this time, I will gather detailed information about your symptoms, experiences, and any lab work that you may have available. I will then provide you with nutrition recommendations for testing, additional labs, and the nutrition therapy plan. We'll continue follow-up appointments as needed to track your progress toward the nutrition goals. 

Everyone is different--even two people with the same symptoms may have very different underlying causes for their symptoms. There are not pre-determined protocols here. I design your nutrition therapy plan around you--your needs, your lifestyle, your challenges--and I design it with you so you will have a solid understanding of why I am making each recommendation. 

Your motivation and ability to implement the recommendations will determine how quickly you will see or feel changes in your health. Some people experience amazing improvement within 3-4 appointments while others take longer depending on the root cause and how much detective work we have to do to identify the issues. 

How does it work? One step at a time. Are you ready to take that first step?

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